About Us

We are not expecting or planning any litters in the near future.

We are a small registered breeder of Standard Poodles and live just outside Exeter in Northern Tasmania. Our focus is primarily on health, temperament and genetic diversity and while you may occasionally find us at a dog show we are more likely to be at home with our dogs and other animals. 

We breed predominantly black, blue, apricot and cream but are hoping to add silver to the mix as well. We occasionally have parti colours and phantom/brindle pointed pups. These colours are the result of recessive genes carried over many generations (and many centuries) and will appear in some litters if both parents carry it.

Our dogs are all DNA tested (through Embark) and all pups will come with their own complete Embark DNA report. We also do genetic diversity testing through Betterbred and UCDavis on all our dogs that we may potentially use for breeding.

Our dogs and all our pups (irrespective of colour) are registered with Dogs Tasmania and all pups are microchipped, wormed and had their first vaccination before going to their new homes. Our pups are raised in our home and are socialised with our family and friends, with our other dogs, with our cat and to lots of different noises. The pups are all groomed regularly from 3-4 weeks of age, in order for pups to become familiar with the grooming regime before they leave for their new homes. 

Pups will only be sold with breeding rights to selected registered ANKC breeders (or equivalent international registration). All other pups will be sold as companion pets only.

Thank you for visiting and if you are interested in a pup please download the Expression of Interest form and email the completed form to us at [email protected] 

We look forward to hearing from you.

Diana and Paul